Watch out for Xplane default Flattened Airports in TotalMexico

Recently a lot of airports in the Xplane Gateway got updated.

Unfortunately some of them are now flat by default and without the ability to "unflatten" the airports straight from the Xplane UI since Xplane 11.45, you will need to download the airport from the Xlane Scenery Gateway using Xplane's WED and uncheck the flatten option.

The "Always flatten" airport option in TotalMexico some times wield odd results showing up as "chopped" terrain.

One particular case is the Poza Rica airport.  MMPA, which you can see the result below of the airport with the flat option on.

To fix this, you will need to go into WED and download the MMPA airport and uncheck the Always Flatten option.

After you export the scenery, the problem of the chopped tile will be gone and your TotalMexico terrain will look great again.

The images shown below demonstrate the effect.

Overlays have been deactivated to show only the terrain.  The images are for demonstration of the Always Flatten effect and they DO NOT represent at all the final quality of TotalMexico

Always Flatten option ON

Always Flatten option OFF

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