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From the warm Riviera Maya to the north tip of Baja.  The two Madre Sierras and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, Total Mexico brings this wonderful land to Xplane.

Starting at Sea Level and then climbing up rapidly up to the highest peak in Mexico at 18,500 ft AMSL, Mexico offers 34 different ecosystems thus placing the country in the top ten list of countries with most biodiversity.

Jungle, tropical forests, pine forests, desert, coastline, lakes and rivers, Mexico has it all.

But there is more.

The first delivery of Total Mexico, contains the latest additions to Open Street Map autogen overlays and terrain updates.  You will be notified when software or tile updates are available.

In synthesis, Total Mexico is a gateway to access the Ultra High Resolution Terrain Mesh for the entire surface of Mexico.

With a total surface of 1,973 million km²  TotalMexico delivers them all!

Ultra High Resolution Mesh

The images to the left shows how much more detail was added without compromising the performance of a mid computer system, compared to other available mesh resolutions.

The two images below show the huge difference in terrain resolution achieved in Total Mexico.

By several iterations and terrain "sculpting", it was possible to add and lower the terrain of the the dry bed river before the runway. In such a way that the airport plateau rises as it does in real life.

The process was applied through the entire terrain of Mexico

What is new in version 2.0

Now in version 2.0 we have reduced the total file size from 1.2 Terabytes to around 650 Gigs without compromising quality and improving performance.

Also in version 2.0 of TotalMexico you have now the ability to update the tiles as updates are being released!

Cloudless and seamless

We have processed over 55,000 satellite images to achieve a total of  almost 2,000,000 km2 free of clouds and seamless terrain without color patches!

TotalMexico provides you with the best experience ever when it comes to Ultra High Resolution Terrain Mesh free of clouds!

Four different processes have been applied.

  • Cloud Removal
  • Shadow Removal
  • Color Patching
  • Restored Details

Auto Install

No more dealing with shortcuts, editing text files, etc.  The Total Mexico manager does it all for you.  It will download, unpack, and install correctly the tiles into Xplane.  No matter if you choose another folder or different storage to install the tiles.

Download the whole country or just the area or areas that you want.

There is no limit or restriction on downloading, erasing and install another area or areas as many times as you want.


Total Mexico Ultra High Resolution terrain tiles are compatible with any other libraries, airport sceneries or overlays that you already have.

TotalMexico includes both, terrain mesh and satellite imagery.  If you have other terrain mesh files for the area like ortho4xp or such, you will need to uninstall or disable these tiles as there can only be one terrain mesh tile in Xplane.

TotalMexico substitutes any other terrain tiles that you have for this area.

The UHRT are compatible with Xplane 11.4 up to 11.5 with both Vulkan and OpenGL.

Solid Foundation

The Total Mexico UHRT provides a solid foundation for every other scenery add-on.  Particularly with airports.  Providing a true terrain profile that will make any airport scenery look correct with proper runway slopes and contours. There will be no need for you to flatten your airport scenery to be able to use it inside the Mexican territory ever again.



Total Mexico is amazing!
I fly VR all the time and the terrain looks fabulous!
It totally changed how Xplane looks and feels.

Manny Lizárraga

Total Mexico Videos

Atizapan, Valle de Bravo, Chiconcuac
Xcalak to chetumal
Mexico City landing
Installation, activation and usage


We care about the performance in Xplane.

Even with the Total Mexico UHRT during the beta test period we have not received any performance issue or loose of fps in either Vulkan or OpenGL.

TotalMexico membership

When you acquire TotalMexico, you become a TotalMexico member.

This means that now you will have access to the new TotalMexico generic GA airfields that we are releasing for getting the most of TotalMexico and truly enjoy and discover Mexico while VFR or IFR flying.

Also, as a TotalMexico member you have a 10% discount of the Capt. Iceman Series products that are available now or future releases.

Right now, Total Mexico is only compatible with Microsoft Windows but we are planning to release the OSX and Linux versions.

For any inquires or if you want to do a review of this software please contact [email protected]

This a one time only fee.  No recurrent payments.


Frequently asked questions


If you need support, join our Discord channel

Now TotalMexico comes with the free TotalMexico EcoSystem Manager.

  • Procedural added autogen to fill the empty areas of the sparse OSM data available.
  • TotalMexico Generic Airports/Airfields installer
  • X-Plane plugin for in sim notifications when there is an update to TotalMexico or the TotalMexico Autogen.   Never miss again a TotalMexico update.


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