Seneca II

Piper Seneca II for XPlane 12

Piper Seneca II

One of the most iconic general aviation aircraft.  The Piper PA 34 200T.  Better known as the Piper Seneca.

A 6-seat Turbo Charged 200hp twin engine.   With a ceiling of 26,000 ft (make sure you have oxygen) and a range of 850 nm it is considered one of the most versatile aircraft in its category.

Now CIS (Captain Iceman Series) brings this amazing aircraft into XPlane 12, as an overhaul kit from the original Carenado Seneca II.

With new 3d modeling, PBR materials and an updated flight model to take advantage of the latest advantages from XPlane 12, if you love GA, this aircraft is a must.

Tested by real Seneca II pilots!

Capt. Iceman at Atizapan airport with the Seneca II
Capt. Iceman at Atizapan airport with the Seneca II

Be aware that you will need to own the Carenado Piper Seneca II for XPlane 10 to be able to overhaul it with this kit and be able to fly it in XPlane 12.


  • New aircraft parts 3D model
  • Enhanced and new modeled objects, glass inside the cockpit.
  • PBR materials
  • New ACF flight model
  • New and accurate weight and balance.
  • New servo / anti-servo tab logic accurate with the actual aircraft.
  • Revised Turbo engine behavior with wastegate.
  • Rain windshield effects.

Currently not fully compatible with VR.

If you don't own yet the Carenado Seneca II for XP 10 you can still buy it from the Carenado Online Store.


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