From Atizapán to San Miguel de Allende


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Hop into your favorite GA aircraft and fly from Atizapán de Zaragoza to San Miguel de Allende.

Take off from runway 04 at Atizapán de Zaragoza and after climbing to 400 ft above ground level, make a left turn to heading 310 and continue to climb to 12,500 ft.

Remember you will be taking off at 8,120 ft above MSL.

Tune in Querétaro QET VOR 113.00.  Keep the heading until you are abeam QET.  Then intercept radial 296 outbound QET and you will find San Miguel de Allende 33 nm from the Querétaro VOR.

San Miguel de Allende is at 6,695 ft AMSL, so make sure when you are abeam QET to adjust your altimeter with QET station.

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