CIS EJ-195 Aeromexico Connect

  • Version

CIS EJ-195 Aeromexico Connect

  • Livery for the ERJ 145 Xcrafts
  • Xplane 11.4, 11.5
  • Vulkan Ready
  • PBR materials, reflective metal
  • Cockpit enhancement
  • HD textures

WARNING: This package needs to address an error in the objects of the original xCrafts EJ 195 aircraft where the METAL flag is missing. Due to the omission of this flag, the metal surfaces are not metal reflective and do not react as proper PBR materials.

This package includes the fix to the objects so the metal surfaces can be rendered properly in XPlane. However, it might happen that your other liveries will look odd.

On the other hand, with this package installed you can now create your own liveries that will react correctly to the PBR materials.

We highly recommend that you do a back up of your xCrafts E195 folder first!

To install this livery, just unzip the file and copy all the contents inside your xCrafts E195 folder. The system is going to ask you if you want to overwrite some files. Just accept the warning.

Installing this livery and the modified objects is at your own risk.

We have permission of xCrafts to distribute the modified objects.

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