Capt. Iceman

I learned to fly in Atizapán about 20 years ago.  At 8,120 feet above the sea level with a complicated orography it is quite a challenging airport.

The thrilling life of Atizapán is mostly thanks to the flight schools where you become brother in arms with your schoolmates.

This scenery is a tribute to the airport and people that gave me my wings.

Happy flights!

CIS MMJC Atizapán de Zaragoza is available now!

Full Throttle and release brakes!

The airport lies on top of a plateau and rises above the sea level to an altitude of 8120 feet. Making it a very challenging airport and fun to fly.

The scenery features custom runway and tarmac textures that resemble the real ones. We have included also wet textures that will load if the precipitation is above 1%

One particularity of this small general aviation airport located in the outskirts north of Mexico City is the amount of fly schools that have made the Jorge Jiménez Cantú thier home.

We have modeled a couple of the Cessnas that these flight schools have among their trainning fleet.

The scenery not only includes the airport itself but also some landmarks and we populated and placed the vegetation that surrounds the airport

Developed by Capt. Iceman, MMJC has been modeled with great accuracy.

The scenery features:

  • Custom runway, tarmac and ground textures
  • Custom hangar and buildings
  • Custom lighting
  • Dry and wet runway and tarmac textures (wet runway will show up before loading the scenery if the precipitation is above 1%).
  • Custom static aircraft and static airport life, representing the actual mood of the airport.
  • Custom forest and vegetation surrounding the airport area.  Particularly extra detail was added in placing the trees in the Vallescondido Country Club area.
  • A 9m HD terrain mesh of the Mexico City valley is available free of charge as a separate download for accurate representation of the actual terrain.
  • All textures are PBR using the latest technology and digital lasser scan where available data.
  • FPS friendly.

The scenery is compatible only with Xplane 11.4, Xplane 11.5 and it is Vulkan ready.


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X-Plane Screenshot 2020.09.04 - (2)
X-Plane Screenshot 2020.09.12 -

Get the free HD 9m resolution terrain mesh!

Capt. Iceman carefully designed this HD 9m resolution terrain mesh to fit the Atizapán airport in the plateau where it lays.

With the help of ortho4XP, tools that I developed and after several iterations of trial and error, I was able to produce the best terrain mesh for this area since I started using PC flight simulators 30 years ago.

I decided to give something back to this great community to enjoy the Atizapán Scenery.

--Capt. Iceman.

Not only contains the terrain mesh, but also different zoom levels from 19 to 17 to get the detail of the surrounding area not only of the Atizapán airport but also the area and heel of Mexico´s City Internationl Airport and Mexico City.

Get both the MMJC scenery and the Mesh and experience the thrill of flying in a high elevation airport surrounded by ravines and mountain ranges.

The mesh tile is available with the purchase of the scenery.  The download link will be inside your order details.

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